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Me Théodore FONTANA, barrister then solicitor, set up the firm in 1874. He was an important political figure: judge, Thônex municipal councillor, deputy of the grand council and even first catholic national councillor from Geneva!

In 1902, Me FONTANA went into partnership with Me Louis GANDY, who later took over the firm. The latter was joined by Me Henri BOIS, who inherited the practice in 1924 ; Me Rodolphe BURGY (an engineer by profession!) succeeded him in 1939 and trained his nephew, Me Mario BURGY, who qualified as a solicitor in his turn in 1955.

For many years, the firm was located in Boulevard Helvétique, where Me Robert-Pascal FONTANET began his articles in 1973.

The firm then moved to Rue de Candolle before coming back to the Rive district in 2004.

After Me BURGY had retired, Me FONTANET went into partnership with Me Jérôme SCHÖNI in 2010, then the firm took on its current shape when Me Nathalie ECKERT became a partner in 2013.


Property/company department :

Cécile BÉNÉ

Family and inheritance department managed by Madame Charlotte DRURE :

Colleagues in general services :

The firm is a member of the Geneva chamber of solicitors, the swisNot network as well as the international Lexunion network.

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