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Property and commercial law, family and inheritance law and authentication

What we do

Main practice areas at Fontanet-Schöni

Property and commercial law_

In the commercial field, we follow every area of business life anywhere in Switzerland because our work involves:

  • the constitution of public limited liability companies, private limited liability companies,  cooperatives and  foundations with established statutes
  • capital increase
  • all modifications to statutes
  • all modifications to legal structure, such as mergers, demergers, transformations and transfers of assets
  • share transfers
  • the dissolution and liquidation of companies

As far as the property department is concerned, our team deals with many types of work, although limited to the Geneva canton, especially:

  • disposals of property in all their forms (promise, sale, forward sale, gifting, shared ownership, exchanges)
  • mortgages (creation and modification of amortisation schedules)
  • the constitution, modification and cancellation of property rights (easement, usufruct, building lease)
  • staged ownership and modifications to the same

Family and inheritance law_

In family law matters, our team works pre- and post-marriage (with or without liquidation of matrimonial regime):

  • contracts with separation of property
  • contracts with community of property
  • contracts modifying the community of accrued gains
  • authenticated inventories

but also:

  • mandates because of incapacity

In the area of inheritance (planning and settlement), we take care of:

  • drawing up holographic or public wills and inheritance agreements with formalities at the Central register of wills
  • safe-keeping of holographic wills
  • drawing up certificates of inheritance
  • executorship of a will and acting as administrator
  • estate settlement (declaration of inheritance, administrative formalities)
  • sharing out the inheritance


Without the need for an appointment we also carry out:

  • authenticating ordinary signatures or signatures before a solicitor 
  • attestations of competence for companies
  • certificates of power of attorney
  • certified true copies
  • life certificates and other solicitors' attestations


In all the above areas, we also give advice which covers tax law and private international law.

We are also available to draw up contracts of receivership.

Practical information

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